Endorse Justice Sheryl Gordon McCloud

In 2012, the voters of the State of Washington first elected me to serve as a Justice on our State Supreme Court.  In 2018, the voters re-elected me to my position on the Court. I remain committed to serving as a Justice and to protecting our constitutional and civil rights.  For that reason, I ran this year for re-election.

My focus during my years as a member of the Supreme Court remains the same as my focus during my 25 years as a lawyer: 

Constitutional Rights Matter.

My track record as a Justice shows that my commitment to this principle remains unshakable. 

I am thrilled that I will be unopposed on the General Election ballot this year.  I have been privileged to play an important role in protecting the rights guaranteed by our democracy, and I am thankful that I can now continue to do so for another term.

Thank you to everyone who supported me during my three election campaigns. Thank you to my mentors, my colleagues, and my students and other mentees over the years who helped me to prepare for and carry out this enormous job.  And thank you to the people of the State of Washington for your votes.